About Us

Designer of the Marsh Rat Layout Boat
Mallard Marine duck logo Mallard Marine is a family-owned business that produces high quality boats for waterfowlers everywhere. It was founded in 1995 when David A. Boys needed a watercraft better suited for layout duck hunting, resulting in the design of the Marsh Rat™ Magnum. In 2006, our lighter, polyethylene model Marsh Rat™ was introduced and is now our most popular model. The Marsh Rat and Marsh Rat Magnum are known for their stability, ease of paddling and getting hunters to low water areas where birds want to be.

Mallard Marine is operated by me, David A. Boys II, my wife, Leila, and Garret Heying. We're small, but make up for this with excellent service, product knowledge and a strong desire to help waterfowlers get a great layout boat!

Want a Marsh Rat or any accessory - contact us at (503) 771-7720, or (503) 317-6017, or visit our retail location at: 5700 S.E. Foster Rd., Portland, OR. All of our accessories can now be purchased on-line!

Keep 'Em Flying,

David Boys II, President
Mallard Marine Corp, Molalla, OR
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